Interior design, project management and building

Pinc is a unique and personalised mother-and-daughter business based in Cape Town. We specialise in interior design, project management and building.

We create custom interiors and exteriors to meet individual needs so that every project reflects individual flair.

Whether you are embarking on a renovation, complete remodel, or a fresh new interior, we can help you transform your space and turn your vision into reality. No budget is too big or too small!


Our team offers a hands-on approach to every project we undertake. We believe in the marriage of form and function. In this approach, we provide our clients with mood boards and present ideas and plans. Our services include sourcing of materials, finishes and furnishings.


Our team manages both residential and small-scale commercial projects, by offering a full spectrum of services from start to finish. We collaborate with architects and builders – from plan to finished project – to assist our clients with their remodel or renovation.

“Good design is about more than the arrangement of beautiful objects.
It’s about creating spaces with deeply personal meaning. At our core, we are storytellers, building a narrative that begins the minute you walk in the door and ends with a profound connection to the place you call home.“